We support projects that make water clean and affordable.

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At IB Environmental, we help your organization or community organize and fund water sustainability projects and manage the workload around you.

We do this by helping you with policy work, finding funds, and supporting your projects. Our goal is to help you move ahead with your projects so more people can have access to clean, safe, affordable water. Because we’re anchored in water resource management and connected with industry resources and information, we can provide the key elements you need to make your project a success.

We’d love to hear what you’re doing.



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Water Affordability
& Equity

We help local utilities and their partners to develop and improve customer assistance programs that ensure water services are well-funded but also accessible to their limited-income customers. We also work on policies related to affordability at the state and national levels.

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& Watershed Management

We help nonprofit groups and local governments fill gaps in resources to create winning applications that will help them fully develop and finish their stormwater and green infrastructure projects while taking a holistic watershed approach.

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Georgia Funders’

We help members of the Georgia Funders’ Forum place funds in Georgia communities and gain insight and support. The forum also fosters collaboration between organizations and encourages the co-funding of water projects through multiple government agencies.

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Caribbean Environmental Management

Our work in the Caribbean strengthens community water systems by shoring up their financial and managerial capacity. We look at leveraging the resources unique to this area, without depleting them. We also encourage youth to explore environmental careers, or simply be greener citizens.